Your roadmap to financial freedom at your fingertips.

iWealth guides you to achieve your financial freedom using a holistic wealth management approach. Get started on your journey to financial freedom now.

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How iWealth can help you?

We give you a clear picture of the things you need to do to achieve your financial freedom in 3 stages.


A big picture paints a thousand words. We help you paint your big financial picture by organising all your money matters in one place. We show you all your assets, liabilities, income, and expenses in a single view.


Using a picture, we show you where you are now in your journey to achieve financial freedom and how far are you from the destination. We highlight gaps and opportunities on how you can get more from your money.


We help you improve your wealth by providing personalised recommendations and insights based on your financial profile. We work with you to build an annual action plan so that you can make sure that you are doing everything necessary to move to your financial freedom destination.

If you are serious about achieving all your financial goals, you will need a roadmap to financial freedom.

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How it works?


Our certified wealth manager will assist you to organise your financial information and set your financial goals.


We will aggregate and analyse all your financial information. We will benchmark your financial performance against the best practices developed from advising thousands of our advisory clients.


Our wealth manager will present your personalised roadmap to financial freedom to you. It will then be uploaded to your mobile app for your access 24/7.

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