How iWealth+ can help you?

We give you a clear picture of the things you need to do to achieve your financial freedom in 3 stages.

What you have

A big picture paints a thousand words. We help you paint your big financial picture by organising all your money matters in one place. We show you all your assets, liabilities, income, and expenses in a single view.

Where you are

Using a picture, we show you where you are now in your journey to achieve financial freedom and how far are you from the destination. We highlight gaps and opportunities on how you can get more from your money.

What to do

We help you improve your wealth by providing personalised recommendations and insights based on your financial profile. We work with you to build an annual action plan so that you can make sure that you are doing everything necessary to move to your financial freedom destination.

What is included in iWealth+ ?

  • Licensed Wealth Manager
  • Advise on 8 Areas of Holistic Wealth Management
  • Income & Expenses Statement
  • Balance Sheet Statement
  • Strategic Asset Allocation Statement
  • Financial Health Check
  • Current and Optimum Roadmap to Financial Freedom
  • Personalised Action Plan
  • Annual Report Card
  • 3x Online Consultation Sessions

How does it work?

Step 1

Our certified wealth manager will assist you to organise your financial information and set your financial goals.

Step 2

We will aggregate and analyse all your financial information. We will benchmark your financial performance against the best practices developed from advising thousands of our advisory clients.

Step 3

Our wealth manager will present your personalised roadmap to financial freedom to you. It will then be uploaded to your mobile app for your access 24/7.


We just need you to fill in some of the details below, in order for us to assign a Qualified Wealth Manager to contact you. And don't worry, this chat session is free for you.

Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy:
- Please note that all information collected is for internal use to assign the suitable wealth manager to serve you. The information key in above will not be shared to any third party. To read the full Privacy Policy, you may refer here.
- If you prefer to speak to our customer service agent on providing the above information over phone, please call our hotline at +6 03 7880 8359.
- Upon receiving your answers, our Wealth Manager will contact you within 48 business working hours.

* Annual Household Income include the active and passive income from both yourself and your spouse.
** Total Gross Asset include investments, properties, home, cash, shares, direct bonds, unit trust funds, Amanah Saham funds, EPF, CPF, PRS, Tabung Haji and others.

Frequently Asked Questions for iWealth+

1. What is iWealth+?

Apart from the free tool from iWealth, we offered a premium (and paid) service called the iWealth+. It is a professional step by step guide to achieve financial freedom, which you can access all of the information from the mobile app. For those who wants to have a holistic wealth management strategies developed by a professional wealth manager.

2. Who can apply for iWealth+?

iWealth+ is for those with total gross assets less than RM2million. We have another service package specially designed for those with total gross assets above RM2million.

3. Is my data secure?

At iWealth, it is our top priority to keep your personal data private and secure. Our systems are designed with multilayer security protections. Everything you enter into iWealth is transmitted with the same level of encryption used by banks and the military. Your encrypted data safely kept on servers in a heavily guarded data-center. Our internal processes ensures that access to your data is restricted to only our employees who need to see it. Further, our security experts are constantly on the lookout for potential flaws to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities and that no unauthorized access has taken place.


  • SSL/TLS encryption of network communications between all of our servers
  • Networking provided by an ISO 27001 certified cloud computing infrastructure
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) mandated for our internal tools
  • Constant software updates throughout our office and system infrastructure, to meet the latest security standard and requirements
  • Compliant to Personal Data Protection Act, this means that your account and information is protected from 3rd parties

4. Troubleshooting on iWealth Registration

In case you don’t receive the verification email after completing the registration process in the iWealth mobile app, you may try the following suggestions:

  • Check in your junk/SPAM mailbox whether it falls into that folder
  • Request for the verification email again (you can access this when you press login, and key in your login credentials. The "Resend Verification Email" link should appear for you to press it)

If you still have trouble getting the verification email, please contact us at