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iWealth Tutorial #3

What is the definition of financial freedom?

What is the definition of financial freedom and how will iWealth help you achieve financial freedom?

The ultimate objective of any personal financial management activity is to achieve financial freedom. So long as you know that this is the end game, all the choices that you have made and will be making in the future should meet the objective.

So what is financial freedom? What does it mean in financial terms?

Financial freedom is a status or point in time where your wealth is enough to meet all your financial goals. Financial goals include retirement life style funding, which entails having your wealth last until age 85 and beyond.

When you achieve financial freedom, working (to earn an income) becomes an option.  Imagine having the opportunity to stop working, yet, you have accumulated enough wealth that could support you until age 85 or beyond. Sounds extraordinary, but it can be done.

It is essential that you only select and buy investment or financial products that fully support your objective of achieving financial freedom. To ensure that you stay on track, you can apply iWealth’s personalised strategies to help guide all your financial and investment decisions.

Without iWealth’s Roadmap to Financial Freedom as your guide, you may end up buying the wrong investment product or make unnecessary money mistakes, which may move you further away from achieving financial freedom.

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